Landscape Management

Let’s Make Your Outdoor Space Spectacular

Simply describe how you want your property to look: “Lush…” “Colorful…” “Elegant…” “Peaceful…” and Greener Earth Landscaping’s hands-on crew will make that happen.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled and our owners work every job. From the careful selection of plants and ornamentals, to high-end property management, our outdoor artists create the landscape you imagined. Enjoy nature, redesigned to be spectacular from every angle.

Landscaping Services:
  • Complete Landscape Design
  • Seasonal Planting & Ornamental Selection
  • Hardscape and Patio Installation
  • Stone Seawall Construction
  • Water Feature Design and Installation
  • Turf Consulting & Diagnostics
  • Full-Service Property Maintenance
  • Weeding & Mulching of Existing Landscapes

“We are more like outdoor artists than landscapers. Our goal isn’t to just install the water-feature you saw in your neighbor’s yard. It’s to create the natural-looking waterfall that belongs at the heart of your property. The one nature should have put there.” – Chad Corp

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