Seawall Construction

Stone Seawall Construction in Northern Michigan

Every shoreline is different and each of Michigan’s lakes come with specific challenges. Shoreline erosion, water-level rise and the Lake Michigan wash effect can all threaten your lakefront property. Greener Earth Landscaping can help!

When properly designed and installed, a stone seawall can keep your property safe, protected and attractive. As lifetime residents of Northern Michigan, we have seen every scenario…the house on the cliff, the property at lake-level. We are ready to consult, design, and navigate you through the permitting process to the construction of an aesthetically pleasing and effective stone seawall solution.

Stone Seawalls Versus Steel
We only construct seawalls out of stone because they have proven to be the smartest, most cost-effective choice in the long run. With a steel wall, there is no fix as the landscape changes. You must discard all the costly materials and start over. A stone wall can change as shorelines evolve. When you look at the public piers on the big lake, they are all made of stone. Stone makes sense.

Integrated Seawall Solutions
Your seawall should be an attractive extension of your landscape that looks ‘like it belongs there.’ We consider ourselves to be artists as much as landscapers. Browse our gallery of stone seawalls on Michigan lakes to see how they can accent your landscape, while adding necessary protection.

Seawall Construction Services:
  • Shoreline Consultation
  • Permit Navigation with Army Corp of Engineers and other regulatory agencies
  • Erosion Mitigation through Plantings
  • Water Feature Integration
  • Lakefront Patios

“Every shoreline’s different, but I’ve lived here my whole life and seen every scenario by now.” – Chad Corp

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